Kees Roeland Jonkheer is an international expert on Regulatory Reform & Private Sector Development,

engaged in projects for donors such as the World Bank, USAID, MCC, DfID, European Union, and private sector.

Having started Jonkheer Consulting 17 years ago, in 2001,

Kees has been a full-time international development consultant for the last 10 years.


Kees has worked at the Economic Institute for SMEs (EIM) in the late 90s where and when the OECD-adopted Standard Cost Model was developed,

at ACTAL when in 2007 the World Bank labeled it world leader in regulatory reform,

and in recent years has collaborated with international leaders in regulatory reform Jacobs, Cordova & Associates, as well as many other contractors.


Latest projects:

- Competitiveness Enhancement Programme in Suriname, for the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Suriname

- Public-Private Dialogue project on Multiple Taxation as part of the ENABLE-programme in Nigeria

- Economic Impact Assessment of the Changes in the CBN Cashless Policy, ENABLE-programme in Nigeria

- Tourism Licensing Simpflication in Lesotho, for the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture of Lesotho

- Strengthening the Capacity of Egyptian Regulatory Reform and Development Activity (ERRADA), Egypt

- Technical Assistance to the Administrative Simplification in Selected Ministries, for OMSAR, Lebanon

- Support to the Formulation of a Business Environment Programme, for the Delegation of the European Union for Egypt

- The Business Environment for Economic Developement (BEED) Programme, Business Environment Reform Facility (BERF), Africa

- Regulatory Improvement Project FOMILENIO II, El Salvador

- RIA Training for Industrial Sector Regulators, Trade and Domestic Market Enhancement Programme (TDMEP), Ministry of Trade and Industry of Egypt

- Development of Capacity Building Project on SPS Management & Control and Management of the Standards Import Inspection Regulations under the SADC Trade Related Facility, Botswana

- Consultancy for Provision of Training Services on Regulatory Impact Assessment, Competitive and Enterprise Development Project, Uganda

- Consultancy for Cost Analysis of the Business Licensing Reforms and Conducting Training on the Application of the Standard Cost Model, Competitive and Enterprise Development Project, Uganda

- Impact Assessment Training, Enterprise Development Programme, Azerbaijan


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